SoftWash Systems

SoftWash Systems

SoftWash Systems™ was developed in 1991 by a gentleman in Florida named AC Lockyer. The products that have been developed for SoftWash Systems come from AC’s companies that have cleaned an excess of 100,000 roofs. These are products developed from real, in-field testing by AC and the SoftWash Systems Pro staff.

SoftWash Systems teaches hands-on safety and leads the industry in developing new equipment and techniques for staying safe. SoftWash itself helps keep technicians safe by eliminating the blowing and blasting of pressure washing. These systems were pioneered using telescoping carbon poles and specially fitted apparatus atop the poles that allow technicians to treat your roof from the ground or a ladder. This eliminates the need for rooftop access by nearly 95%.

Soft Wash Systems has a 5-year spot-free warranty on all roof cleanings.

The streaks that are staining the roof are actually algae, molds, mildews, bacterias, lichens and mosses which directly decompose and break down roofing materials. By cleaning your roof every 5 years, it can add 50% more life to your roof and offset the cost of replacement.

In addition to roofs, the SoftWash System can also be used to clean:

  • home/office exterior and siding
  • driveways
  • decks
  • fencing (makes cedar look new!)

Benefits of soft wash over power washing:

  • Less water usage
  • No brute force
  • Mild detergents and mildew-cides
  • No damage to your yard or siding
  • A safer, better clean than any other method